Rosalie Lawrence 

As a lonely youngster, growing up as best I could in several Canadian Pacific Railroad towns in New Brunswick, Canada, I found solace in Gothic fiction which rolled into my life in a potato barrel.  At age nine, I found my adoption papers and discovered that I had another name and my own Gothic past.  From then on, I  started two diaries and at least two personalities: Patti, the good daughter, kept one in the sock drawer which extolled her adopted mother's virtues. Rosalie, the writer, kept another hidden in the coal bin.

WE married at seventeen to escape the boredom and dysfunction of an alcoholic home, but it wasn't until age forty when WE were psychologically fractured and ready to succumb to multiple sclerosis, that we entered university and realized that the more WE immersed our brain in the works of Canadian women writers, such as Moodie, Montgomery and the Margarets, the more our mental and physical health improved. 

In 2016, when the grandchildren moved out of province, WE sat down and started writing our memoirs with a mystical theme.   Since sacrificing our sense of taste and smell to the gym teacher's miscalculated baseball bat in Grade Five, we have spent the ensuing years fantasizing what it would be like if an individual was gifted (or cursed) with an extra-ordinarily sensitive olfactory system - one so sensitive that is could detect the deepest, darkest secrets in people's souls.

Seven months later, after diving into Pat's drawers of diaries, WE emerged, twenty pound heavier, but spiritually lighter, with Scent from Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post.

We are presently putting the finishing touches on Book II, which follows our dark journey through a dysfunctional marriage, illness, ghosts and a few trips to the Other Side before it is all over but the crying.  Stay tuned for: Inscentsitive: The Multifarious Memoirs of Patti Post.