Rosalie Lawrence 

Rosalie Lawrence, diarist was born in 1960 when she found her adoption papers in the cedar chest.  Her Host, Patti Post, was born in 1951, to the very same woman, in the very same room at The Evangeline Home for Unwed Mothers in Saint John, New Brunswick, as was Rosalie.  Riddle: If they are not sisters, who are they?

One of them can keep a secret; the other one can’t. 

Their first Book -   Scent from Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post is  still available on and,  Westminster Books in Fredericton, NB, The UNB Bookstore, Mystic Moon, Moncton, and UNB and Fredericton Public and Perth-Andover Libraries. 

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JUNE 2018 INscentSITIVE has a cover

Looks something like this, only not quite so twisted)... waiting for a proofreader and one more Beta reader to stop having such a fun vacation...BUT I'm insentsitive, so I'm going to hit the publish button on August 5 - typos or no typos.

Also working on a cozy mystery about a kid with an uncanny sense of smell (That's original, you say!) a screen play about Mona and Lisa lost in Paris, two books of poetry, a pussycat power journal, a children's book about the paranormal and two texts... Chasing grandchildren and having my house renovated.

... Are we 'mystical' or what!

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INscentSITIVE, a Noior

now available. Only 200 pages and what a deal for $10.00  (Email  or and get your personalized copy

(Scent from Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post are available for  $20.)

Both can be purchased at Westminster Books on King Street, Fredericton, NB and are still available on and

Reviews would be much appreciated!

Back cover copy for Inscentsitive: 

"Patti Post-Jones has been messing up on the Eathly Plane for centuries. When she was sent back in 1951, Mother Nature took pity of her and gave her a nose for sniffing secrets.

After thirty years of knowing more than she ever wanted  to about everyone she ever met, including her dentist, psychiatrist, co-workers, husband, lover, children, mothers and secret birthfather, she has become 'inscentitive to amost everything and everyone, including her own dark secrets.

INscentSITIVE, a novoir (Which is an autobiographical novel. I thought I made the word up, but apparently someone got there first) or Part II of Scent from Above, if your prefer, should be on Amazon by August 5. Hard copies in my hand by the 10th. Book launch in the fall. Enjoy!

We are staying out of trouble this winter by editing a cozy mystery entitled Marsha Time, Solver of Crime: The Case of the Lost Parents. It's about a youngster with an uncanny sense of smell and a weird family. Sound familiar?