November 29, 2016

Rosalie Lawrence, at nine years of age, leapt, fully formed, from the pages of a legal document which revealed that her true identity had been stolen in 1951 by a brat named Patricia Post. From that day forward, Rosalie started keeping a secret diary in which she chronicling her clandestine existence. Not to be outdone, Patti also kept a diary of her dull life in several CPR railroad towns in New Brunswick. While Patti’s diary glorified her adopted parents and abruptly concluded when she ‘abruptly’ left home at seventeen, Rosalie continued to record the ruptures and raptures of their relationships for the next fifty years.    

At the age of forty, when she/they stumbled into university, scarred by a rocky marriage and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, they discovered that the more they immersed themselves into the vitality of university life, punctuated by large doses of Canadian women’s literature, the more their mental and physical health improved, to the point that some hapless administrator ended up awarding Patti a Ph.D. in adult education. One day Rosalie concluded that if reading about strong women was so beneficial to them, then writing about some of the Canadian women (and men) they have known might lead to something just short of miraculous.

They live with their historian husband, and four black animals (six hours away from the nearest grandchild) in lovely Fredericton, New Brunswick, where Dr Post teaches in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick. Rosalie still attends every lecture and takes copious notes.        

October 5, 2016

What a lovely article in the The Brunswickan on Scent from Above written by a former cracker-jack student, Thank you, Katie Kim.



Rosalie Lawrence 

Rosalie Ann Lawrence, diarist, and Dr Patricia Ann Post, academic, were born at the very same moment in 1951, to the very same woman, in the very same room at The Evangeline Home for Unwed Mothers in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

One of them can keep a secret; the other one can’t. 

They have recently combined forces and are working on Book II tentatively entitled "In-Scent-sitive"

The first memoir

Scent from Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post is  available on and,  Westminster Books in Fredericton, NB, The UNB Bookstore, Chapters - Fredericton and The Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op

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January 2017   A few days before my adopted mother passed away in September, she was convinced that she was on a bus... Last night, a note fell from a copy of War and Peace I was reading in 1995... It said " Pat, Your Mom Called from the bus station. She's there ."

  A note from the Other Side perhaps?