February 2018

WHERE does the time go? Some days TIME is my friend, other days it is biting me on the butt... BUT, I am happy to report that Inscentsitive: The Multiple Memoirs of Patti Post is almost ready to be released to the world... It has been edited and is out looking for a BIG publisher. I'll keep you posted as only I can do!

Patti is writing a novel (and I am writing a screen play on the same topic, of course.)

Wouldn't you love to spend a week with Mona and Lisa in Paris? 


WE  are spending  a few hours every day typing as quickly as WE can to have a first draft of Book II _ The Multiple Memoirs of Patti Post by the end of summer. It takes the reader to the deepest, darkest depths of a dysfunctional marriage, our experience in a haunted house, illness -mental and physical - and ends with the long, hard climb back into the sunshine.  Meet you on the Other Side.

January 2017  A Note from the Other Side

 A few days before my adopted mother, Laura,  passed away in September, she was convinced that she was on a bus... Last night, a note fell from a copy of War and Peace I was reading in 1995 while employed at ATV as a receptionist. It said " Pat, Your Mom Called from the bus station. She's there ."

   I'm sure she is!

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Rosalie Lawrence 

Rosalie Lawrence, diarist was born in 1960 when she found her adoption papers in the cedar chest.  Her Host, Patti Post, was born in 1951, to the very same woman, in the very same room at The Evangeline Home for Unwed Mothers in Saint John, New Brunswick, as was Rosalie.  Riddle: If they are not sisters, who are they?

One of them can keep a secret; the other one can’t. 

They have recently completed Book II tentatively entitled "In-Scent-sitive: The Multiple Memoirs of Patti Post

Their first Book -   Scent from Above: The Mystical Memoirs of Patti Post is  still available on amazon.ca and amazon.com,  Westminster Books in Fredericton, NB, The UNB Bookstore, Chapters -  Mystic Moon, Moncton, and UNB and Perth-Andover Libraries. 

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